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Every baptized member is expected to belong to one of the fellowships through the directives of the Holy Spirit. The main fellowships are Women, Men, Spirited, and General fellowships which are manatory for all members to enroll and attend their meetings. Each fellowship at any level is run by an executive council.

The fellowships are:

National General Fellowship

National Women Fellowship

National Men Fellowship 

National Spirited Fellowship

National Education Fellowship

National Labor Fellowship

National Children's Fellowship

National Youth Fellowship

National Elders fellowship

Brothers and Sisters Fellowship

Christ Natural Choristers fellowship

National Mercy felloship

National Missionary/Crusade Fellowship

National ABAS Fellowship

National Welfare Fellowship


General Fellowship
General Fellowship

general-fellowshipGeneral fellowship meeting is the coming together of all members of BCS USA for discussion....Learn more

National Spirited Children fellowship
National Spirited Children fellowship

The Father has directed that all baptized members enroll in this fellowship.....Learn more

Men Fellowship
Men Fellowship

Men's fellowship meeting is a gathering specifically designed for men...Learn more

Women Fellowship
Women Fellowship

Women fellowship is the gathering of women for disscussion, fostering....Learn more